Resolution Test


With anything I become passionate about, I watch and read everything I can about it in an effort to improve my skills. I have been a serious photographer for twenty years, more than some, but much less than others. When I watch and read reviews today, I can’t help but get the feeling that if were starting out today, I would think that no good pictures were taken until recently. It would seem that if I didn’t have at least 45 megapixels in a mirrorless camera I night as well not even try. In the early 2000’s when the great film verses digital debate was raging, I ran across an article in some publication that I now do not remember which proved just how pointless the debate was becoming. It was a comparison study some university out west of film verses digital.

The purpose was to determine how many megapixels were needed to produce an 8×10 print that was indistinguishable from film. They printed identical images taken with both platforms. The shocking number was 5 megapixels. How does this relate to today? Well that’s a bit complicated in some ways, and simple in others. Mostly it comes down to what medium your work

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